How to bet football


How to bet football Unlimited play 24 hours

How to bet football

How to bet football In this section, we will bring you to play with games that are full of fun. Today we bring you to study 2 games together. Let’s get started. The fun began.

Playing the lottery

The remaining characters are stabbing. Can play lottery tickets)

The pair playing the banker (royal) or the bidder Or servants. B. People who stab the general public, including foreigners. The bettor will bet the letter that he wants to bet to the clerk (broker)

Before the deadline, lottery vendors would bring stub with money to send to the royal court. To check the number of bookmakers

Playing paddle

Play equipment Brass square, tall style In the middle of the circle is a square. The ball is made of brass, size, can fit into the circle of the brass cover.

 The tongue is made of brass or wood. Same shape as dice. But slightly larger Inside each side are patterned and painted red and white divided into half squares. And a panel for players to stab

Players will agree that The white or red side is the pointed side.

Popular with the white side pointing the door the organizer of the game (the dealer) will put the tongue in the ball And cover the side of the cup with the tongue so that players can see One player will spin (spin) the pot before the dealer will set on the panel to bet.

By setting up the four corners of the base of the base of the panel (In the middle of the panel), players will stab, oh, kook, ticket, etc. The right side of the dealer is gate 1 and the left side of the dealer is gate 3 always.

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